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Not Trash!

So….Amelia’s favorite thing these days is the trash can. I don’t want to complain too much about this because I think it’s awesome that after she’s done with a pudding cup, she gets up and puts it right in the trash……sometimes, however, in her eagerness to be helpful she discards things that, well….aren’t trash.

For example, when I dropped her off at school on Tuesday, her sippy cup was nowhere to be found. By Wednesday, we pretty much decided that Amelia disposed of her cup along with everything else after lunch on Monday. I don’t have any extras laying around the house because the extra one we DID have, she never liked so I just got in the habit of giving her small amounts in regular cups and she drinks water out of the bottles anyway. But, I had to find a replacement for her to use in school so we went up to Babies “R” Us this afternoon.

My intention was just to grab a pack of Take’n’Toss cups, but when I saw these
I just thought they were absolutely brilliant. No straw, no weird spout to get used to – it’s just a cup. There is a little hub with a silicon ring that prevents spills but it seriously works just like a regular cup – they tilt it up and drink….I love it and Amelia thought it was the coolest thing :^)

And yeah, I bought the two pack so we have an extra……just in case!

The Queen of Mum

We have to start somewhere….

Earlier this year, I mentioned somewhere in some post that I’m not going to link to because it’s chock full of things I had planned to do this year that I haven’t found the time to do because…..well, because I like sleep…….um, I mentioned that I wanted to minimize a bit.

A lot actually.

So it’s somewhat slow going….for a few reasons. The main one being……I like sleep. Really, I can’t blame it on the fact that I have a 1 year old because lots of moms with 1 year olds do lots of things that I don’t do. But I work full time, every day and when my 1 year old goes to sleep, so do I. I regret it if I don’t. Last night for example….I decided to do something stupid on my computer after Amelia went to sleep and two hours later finally climbed in to bed. 20 minutes later, Amelia was awake. An hour later, she was awake again, An hour and a half after that, awake again…..for an hour.

So yeah, today I feel like a total moron.

Anyway…’s slow going. When I do wash, I put things that I really don’t love in a bag and this past weekend actually dropped two bags off at the Salvation Army. I have many more bags to fill. I also have a storage unit to empty but that’s a whooooooole other adventure.

The more pressing need right now is Brittany’s room.

It took me a while to figure out how a 12 year old could amass such a ridiculous amount of crap….because I don’t buy her all this stuff!! I had no idea where it all was coming from…..until I was actually home one day when my mom dropped her off….

See, Brittany goes to spend some time with my mom and dad usually on Tuesdays….that was her choir day during the school year so it just became their day. Brittany would spend Tuesday night there and they would take her to school the next day. Nice, right?

So, now it’s summer….no school the next day……so they’ve just been dropping her home on Wednesdays, usually after I’m home….usually after dinner. And almost every time, Brittany comes in with two or three bags of……CRAP!! From trips to the dollar store, craft fairs, A.C.Moore, the library, the movies…..and every single bag – because I know that she would just drop it all in the middle of the living room and leave it there if left to her own devices! – goes straight into her room…..apparently never to re-emerge.

But this room needs to get organized NOW because this school year is going to be waaaaaaay different for Brittany. No more getting up at the butt-crack of dawn (like her crazy mother) to go wait for the school bus on those lovely 2 degree February-in-Philly mornings.

Oh no!

This year, she’s registered with an online charter school 🙂

Yes, this is our first venture in to the world of homeschooling because I never thought it would be possible with me working full time. Brittany is very excited and now that we’re making some progress on her room I think it’s really settling in that her room is going to be her new classroom!

So we’re quickly minimizing in her room. I’m actually very proud of her because she’s really making a dent in there when I’m not around and I come home to find quite a few bags that she’s put together of things that we can donate and things that can just get trashed. We might just have this whole space under control before her first day of school!!

It really is looking good, but she doesn’t want me to post any more pics until it’s done so everyone can see the total transformation.

It won’t be long!!

So how did you and your child prepare to make the switch from traditional schools to homeschooling?

What Do I Know?!?

Forgot how maddening it can be to deal with pediatricians…..I took Amelia in on May 7th because she’d had a cold for about a week and then suddenly spiked a fever….got the old “It’s just a very bad cold.”  To which I say, “Okay, but with that fever I think she might have a sinus infection.”  “Nope, just a cold.  Motrin for the fever when she needs it.”  Okay.

Last week, the “cold” moved into her eyes. Back to the doctor.  “Oh, yeah…she’s got pink eye.”  “Okay, do you think she has a sinus infection?  Because I think she has a sinus infection.”  “No, just pink eye….and her ears are fine.”  Um…..okay.

Now her eyes are cleared up again but her temp’s still hovering around 100.9-101.1.  And I have an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis.  I call the pediatrician again and say that I want an antibiotic TODAY and run through all of her symptoms from the past three weeks AGAIN…did I mention I have laryngitis?  The doctor calls me back and says “Well, I think it sounds like Amelia may have a sinus infection.”

That’s the part where my head exploded.

Imagine….if they had 3 weeks ago said “Hmm, yes it may be a sinus infection.”  Amelia gets an antibiotic right away….no pink eye for her and I wouldn’t sound like that penguin from Toy Story…….

::walks away muttering to herself about no one ever listening::

The Morning Nap…..


……….just in time for me to wake her up so we can go to Mass :-/

Dihydrogen Monoxide


Our cafeteria in work used to have nice 32oz foam cups for the cold beverage of your choice. Nearly every Monday since I started working there over three years ago, I’d go down there and get my 32oz cup of ice water. I’d refill it periodically throughout the rest of the day, rinse it out and then use that same cup for the rest of the week to get ice water in the morning and refills from the water fountain the rest of the day.

About two months ago, they stopped offering the 32oz cup. Now the largest size is a 20oz.

Color me annoyed 😦

If I thought about it, I picked up a big cup from Wawa but I usually don’t think like that when I’m not in work…..and when I am in work, I just curse at myself for not having thought about it when I was at Wawa. Anyway……I stopped at 7-11 the other day on my way back to work after feeding Amelia for the express purpose of getting a Big Gulp cup. That’s when I found this beauty 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to actually fill the damn thing with soda…..but I couldn’t buy it empty, either. So here is my gi-huge-ic cup filled to the very brim with ice and barely a glisten of lemon-lime Gatorade – lol!!!

The important thing is…..I know have an acceptable giant water cup again 😉

Dear Baby Toy Companies:


Have you ever noticed that they never want the big, bulky toy phones? Just sayin’……

It’s coming along…..

……I’m still working on importing things, here…..I’m missing the last…..what…..4 months….?  I’ll get to it soon enough ;^)

My Flying Monkey

As soon as my Monkey was able to join the school swim team in 2nd grade, we were there.  She had a great year and looked forward to that extra bit of activity and fun in the water even though the summer had ended and the next year she couldn’t wait to do it all again.

During the summer between 3rd and 4th grades, we noticed a little post in the corner of our church bulletin notifying parents and children in our parish that there would be a regional cross country team starting at the end of the summer.  Monkey was sort of interested but TV and video games had started to sink their teeth in….the main reason I was very interested – lol!

So on a sweltering Saturday morning in early August, I took my not-yet-4th-grader to a local track to check it out.  She was less than impressed and after her first real run around the track, she’d had enough.  I thought she did great considering she had never run like that before, but she made a beeline for the car and I said goodbye to the coaches with a “Well, maybe we’ll see you again….” but not really expecting to.

The first real practice was scheduled for Tuesday evening, but I just decided to let it go.  I figured if I kept pushing it, she’d go and hate it and it’d be all my fault and swimming would surely follow suit.  I was more than a little surprised when I noticed Monkey lacing up her sneakers on that Tuesday night and rolling her eyes at me when I asked where she was going – “Don’t I have cross country practice tonight, Mom?”  Of course you do!!

For the first month of practice, Monkey told all three of the coaches that she was only going to do this for a week…a month…..until school starts…….then “Maybe I’ll see what it’s like to run in a meet….”

She ran her first 3K meet in just over 25 minutes.

At the end of the season last year – her second year as a Novice – she ran that same 3K course in just under 16 minutes 🙂

Today, we officially started a new season – her 3rd year running .  Monkey is a Minor now and, though she still runs 3K, it is a much more difficult course that includes a crazy-steep hill.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to see her anywhere near the finish line until at least the 23 minute mark.

She finished at 19:51.


My amazing, flying Monkey 🙂

How do your kids amaze you?

Wordless Wednesday – Two Month Check-up!

Two month check-up today!! 24.25 inches and 10.75 pounds!!! (That's up more than 4 pounds and 4 inches from birth 😉