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Store Score!!


So normally, I hate going to stores. I much prefer online shopping. But now and then, I can really score when I actually go shopping.

I really only went to Babies “R” Us to get some tea because I’m addicted to the stuff and I’m completely out so I don’t want to have to wait for it to get here Monday. Of course, once I’m there, I can’t not look around…..I was going to order some Gerber pre-folds this week so I checked to see if they had those….they did, but the Babies “R” Us brand pre-folds were not only $2 cheaper, but they were BOGO50%off – woot!

We also wanted to grab some disposables because even though we use cloth during the day, I still haven’t been brave enough to do it at night… Bill noticed that if you buy the Seventh Generation diapers, you get a free pack of their wipes…..only a small pack but it’s usually $5 so, WTF, right?

But the best deal of the day – and the reason I’m so happy I went there looking for my tea! – on the clearance rack, there was an Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Support kit……..for $5!!! Yeah, it was ripped open and the Booby Tubes were missing, but there was an extra Bosom Buddies in there, so that’s cool.

So all these goodies should have cost about $95….I paid $40…..and they threw in the Butt Paste – lol ;^)

Baby’s First Bath!!


I’m so excited – tonight we gave the BabyFrog her very first bath!!  I’ve been waiting very patiently (not!) for her belly button to fall off so that we could try out the Prince Lionheart washPOD that I snagged a few weeks ago. I must say that I expected a problem to begin with……not just because this was her first bath, but also because it was our first time bathing a baby like this.

With the Monkey, we had the usual baby tub and since there was no counter space anywhere in the house we lived in at the time – really, nowhere…..not in the kitchen or in the bathroom! – we wound up just putting her bathtub in the big bathtub…..not great on the back – ugh! But more than that, Monkey was flat on her back and the water hardly covered her… she was really just wet – not in water – and you know no matter how warm ya try to make a room, when you’re wet and naked it’s flippin’ cold!

When I first saw tubs like the washPOD, I thought it was crazy.  Why would anyone want to bathe their baby in this bucket???  But when I watched the video demonstration, I remembered Monkey’s first bath and realized how completely brilliant the concept is.  The washPOD is the only bathtub I had on my registry this time around.

We set the tub up on my kitchen counter, figuring it’d be easier to fill it up there, the counters are a good height and BabyFrog is already familiar with the kitchen – she hasn’t had much opportunity to visit either of our bathrooms yet.  I put some Johnsons Head to Toe in the water, grabbed one of her cool new froggy towels and a wash cloth and got her ready to go.

When her toes hit the water, BabyFrog started whimpering a bit….by the time her butt hit the water, it was a whine…..but as soon as her belly and chest were covered – nothing.  She looked at us, a little uncertain as to what was going on, but it took her no time to settle in.  She was calm and comfortable and warm. She was fascinated by the suds floating on top of the water…..she was distracted however by the water on her hand when she raised it out of the water….the whole time she was in the tub, she was pleasant and……curious, which was really cool to watch. She stretched out her arms and legs, even bounced up and down a little since she kept her feet firmly planted on the removable cushioned bottom of the tub – lol! When we took her out, though – yikes!  She was okay after a few seconds but, wow!  In the time it took to get her from the water to the towel – about 5 seconds! – she was not a happy baby. I actually had echoes of Bruce Willis in the back of my head, when he’s screaming “Put me back in!!” Ugh…a “Look Who’s Talking” reference…..I must be more sleep deprived than I thought.

The washPOD is pure genius….the concept itself is so simple – and completely overlooked! – but I especially like its design when compared to others like it. The cushioned bottom is perfectly contoured for little bottoms and I love the extra balance provided by the “legs” that other similar tubs are lacking – this is especially important, I think, for someone like me and DH. Both of us have back problems related to our jobs so we will both pretty much be using the tub while it’s on a raised surface – not on the floor or another spot where we would have to be in awkward sitting positions or leaning over – so the extra stability is a huge plus for us!

Not only do I wish I’d had a washPOD 11 years ago for the Monkey, I wish I could get one for all of my friends that are new mommies. If you’re expecting, add this tub to your registry….you’re friends might say you’re nutso – mine all did when I first mentioned that I wanted one! – but you’ll be the one with the happy bath-time baby ;^)