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Store Score!!


So normally, I hate going to stores. I much prefer online shopping. But now and then, I can really score when I actually go shopping.

I really only went to Babies “R” Us to get some tea because I’m addicted to the stuff and I’m completely out so I don’t want to have to wait for it to get here Monday. Of course, once I’m there, I can’t not look around…..I was going to order some Gerber pre-folds this week so I checked to see if they had those….they did, but the Babies “R” Us brand pre-folds were not only $2 cheaper, but they were BOGO50%off – woot!

We also wanted to grab some disposables because even though we use cloth during the day, I still haven’t been brave enough to do it at night… Bill noticed that if you buy the Seventh Generation diapers, you get a free pack of their wipes…..only a small pack but it’s usually $5 so, WTF, right?

But the best deal of the day – and the reason I’m so happy I went there looking for my tea! – on the clearance rack, there was an Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Support kit……..for $5!!! Yeah, it was ripped open and the Booby Tubes were missing, but there was an extra Bosom Buddies in there, so that’s cool.

So all these goodies should have cost about $95….I paid $40…..and they threw in the Butt Paste – lol ;^)

Review: The Wonder Wash

When we first considered using cloth diapers with this baby, the big looming problem with the decision to do so….was washing them. The thought of hand washing diapers every day or even every other day, was almost enough to put me off completely.

We’re apartment dwellers and that whole thing seems to work well for us….I love that I can hypothetically call someone and go “Hey, my dishwasher just blew up and is spewing glass and caked on stewed tomatoes all over my kitchen!” and they come up and fix it and I have a new dishwasher before I get home from work the next day without an extra cent coming out of my pocket. However, awesome as it is to not have to worry about repairs and all the other tedious crap involved in home ownership….we don’t have a washer and dryer.

Naturally we have wash facilities in the building and the wash room is really only about 50 feet from the door to our apartment. But, it runs about $3.00 per load, $2.25 if I use the short dry. So, while not out of the question for the occasional total stash wash, not really a cost effective way to cloth diaper on a daily basis. So I started looking around……the internet is a marvelous thing, ya know.
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