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Needless to say, I am more than a little annoyed. Guns ‘N Roses never played. And, oh boy, let me tell you about the fun.
We got to the First Union Center at 7:00. We had seats in a Party Suite so we went in the VIP entrance and right up to the room. At 7:30, some local rock band came on and made alot of noise….at 8, they went away. At 8:30, Mix Master Mike came out and was on for no less than one whole hour! Rumor was that Axl was watching the Lakers game and wasn’t coming out till it was over……
Mix Master Mike went away and we waited. And waited. And waited. They were playing music over the PA system and every time a song ended, everyone started to cheer thinking that the band would be taking the stage. By 10:30, people were getting pissed and cursing and booing.
When they came out at about 10:45 and started taking the stage apart – not having made any kind of announcements, mind you – people started throwing shit. Fortunately being in the suite, we weren’t in danger of being hit with anything so we actually sat and watched for a bit.
The floor was trashed….literally, since the threw all the trashcans at the stage. Then they ripped up all those chairs and tossed them around for a while. Then someone threw a chair down from the balcony seats above us. Like I said, we were in a box with a roof over us, but we still decided it was time to go.
We left before most of the crowd did but just after they made an announcement about refunds, but because of all the noise no one could tell if they said “no refunds” or “call for refunds” so I have to call TicketMaster today to find out.
I want:
– The ticket price back
– Our parking money
– The cost of the clothes we bought just for the show refunded
– And the money Bill lost by using 8 hours holiday time to go to the show
And I want it now! Yeah, right. I seriously doubt that they are giving refunds, but I’m calling anyway.
We were able to get back out the VIP entrance and back to the car without running into any nit-wits and we picked up Brittany and got back here by about 12:15.
Hey, Axl!! Listen, hon….you don’t have that much of a grip on people this time around to start pulling this shit already. And it’s really bad form to do it for the first show in a city…..if you actually show up for the performance on Sunday, I predict a record low crowd number.
Oh, yeah….don’t forget to duck. You’re in Philly, sweetie – we like to throw shit at losers.

Fuckin’ A, man!! I was soooooo looking forward to that show!!!

Guns ‘N Roses

I’m goin’ to see Guns ‘N Roses tonight – whoo-hoo!!!!