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I am so disgusted with myself!
Yes, I am just going to bed. Why? I waited up for Bill to get home since he was going right up to the montains. I was knitting and watching ‘The Shield’ when he came in but he wanted to see what was going on with the Dakar Rally so I paused the show. After he left, I was only planning on finishing the row I was on, but at 127 across right now, I figured I’d put something on while I did. I flipped around and found ‘Heavenly Creatures‘ about 5 minutes into it and left it on.
I have not been so sorry I watched a movie in a very long time. I mean it was just odd to begin with but by the time I was halfway through it and totally fed up with it, I had to watch the damn thing just to see how it ended!
Supposedly it was a true story, but damn! It was just horrid…….
At least I got some more of the blanket done.
I’m going to bed now.
I have to get up in a minute.