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I am so disgusted with myself!
Yes, I am just going to bed. Why? I waited up for Bill to get home since he was going right up to the montains. I was knitting and watching ‘The Shield’ when he came in but he wanted to see what was going on with the Dakar Rally so I paused the show. After he left, I was only planning on finishing the row I was on, but at 127 across right now, I figured I’d put something on while I did. I flipped around and found ‘Heavenly Creatures‘ about 5 minutes into it and left it on.
I have not been so sorry I watched a movie in a very long time. I mean it was just odd to begin with but by the time I was halfway through it and totally fed up with it, I had to watch the damn thing just to see how it ended!
Supposedly it was a true story, but damn! It was just horrid…….
At least I got some more of the blanket done.
I’m going to bed now.
I have to get up in a minute.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was on one of the movie channels earlier today. When I saw that, I said to Bill that they should really film a new one. There aren’t a whole lot of movies that you will catch me saying that about but this one……I mean I enjoy it because I just love the story of Gatsby but it’s just lacking something that you get when reading the book.
Don’t get me wrong, Robert Redford is just dreamy as Gatsby but the rest of the cast just doesn’t make it for me…..not to mention the fact that the whole thing is filmed in “Vaseline Vision”………
Anyway, in looking for the IMDB link to the movie, I found that there were three other versions of it – one a few years after Gatsby was first published, another in 1949 and one quite recently in 2001 that was made for TV. Now I remember seeing ads for that one, but I think I shied away from it because that cast didn’t impress me either.
Interesting side note: Howard Da Silva was in the 1949 version as ‘Wilson’ and the 1974 version as ‘Meyer Wolfsheim’….you may remember him better as ‘Benjamin Franklin’ in 1776 😉
In any case the point of all this is that I was trying to figure out who I would cast in the movie if it were up to me….
My original thought for Gatsby was George Clooney. He doesn’t exactly look the part as Gatsby is supposed to be fair but I think he could act the part really well. Though he’s just a smidge older than the character, he could pull it off….he’s got that boyish charm, I suppose. As it is, I can’t really think of anyone that actually looks like Gatsby…..
Daisy was easy. There are plenty of fair skinned pretty actresses out there that could easily be blonde but Kate Winslet gets my vote for the role of Daisy. She’s got the look and she could certainly do the fluttery sad socialite.
The fact that she is my favorite actress not withstanding, I think Sandra Bullock would be perfect to play Jordan….sort of tom-boyish, girl-next-door type, ya know?
Nick is the one I haven’t quite figured out yet….I really can’t think of anyone to play him. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with a vision of Sam Waterston whenever I try to picture someone in that part…..any ideas?
Well, whatever….I guess no matter who plays the parts, it’ll never be good enough for me. In most cases the movie isn’t as good as the book, I know….but this one in particular…..I guess I just conjure up such a wonderful spectacle in my head while reading this book that I want everyone to see the same thing 🙂