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Word from the Queen Camp

Just thought I would post a follow up to my previous entry there……
I sent a message to the Queen fan club the other day just to voice my support of a tour and reminding them that they would need to make a stop somewhere in the northeastern states just for me 😉 In any case, one of the things I’ve always loved about the QFC is that the woman who runs it is just the coolest and will actually take the time to write back to you – I never really expect it, but she always does…..I just think that’s a wonderful way to run things.

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Rumor has it…..

Ohmuhgah! Ohmuhgah!! Oh My Freakin’ God!!!!!!
I heard the absolute coolest thing on the radio today!!! I was driving home from work listening to one of the classic rock stations here in Philly and they played “Bohemian Rhapsody” – yay for me, right? Well, when it was over, they said that word is that Queen is planning a reunion tour with George Michael singing lead!
I have yet to catch my breath 🙂
I mean who the hell cares about George Michael – it is freakin’ Queen!! I can deal with George as long as I get to see the rest of the gang….yes, thank you I am quite aware that it just won’t be the same thing without Freddie but I don’t care!
I am entirely too excited about this……..I know it’s either gonna turn out that it is in fact just a rumor or that they are going to tour, but it will only be a European tour and that would totally suck ass. I would literally just die!
See you all don’t quite understand this obsession that I had (have) with Queen….I mean I was a real nutter. For about 4 years, I really think I listened to no one else! I was head over heels in love with John Deacon (the bass player) and wrote him religiously. I actually wish that I had kept copies of those letters because they would make quite the journal entries……I don’t know why I thought he’d want to listen to the incessant babble of a 16 year old girl but, whatever…..
On the plus side, at least he did write back now and again……….
Oh, God….PLEEEEEEEASE let it be true! Please just let me see this guys play once in my life!!
You just don’t know how badly I want this…………..