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The switch over is done……I still have some entries to move over, though. In doing this, I noticed just how many entries haven’t had links/images updated since I started using MT. The ‘On This Day’ link over there still had the image coded the way I did it for using with GreyMatter.
I’ll get caught up someday…..
Oh, yeah… ’bout leaving a comment so my ‘Commentary’ section comes up to date…..I can’t import comments from pMachine so the last one that was technically posted here was right after the GNR concert that never happened – lol 🙂

….back I go…

Okay….I gave pMachine a try.
I think two months is a fair amount of time to assess something, don’t you?
I like it. Really….but I like MT a whole lot better for various reasons. pMachine has a bunch of neat little doohickies that make it very appealing but those same features are under development for use with MT.
I can wait.
With any luck, this will be my last pMachine entry. When the change is complete, you shouldn’t notice anything……unless I decide to get a new layout together, too…….


Okay, you know what? The comments are all fucked up and they are just staying that way, I will never have the patience to fix it. When I imported all of the MT entries over to pMachine, it brought over twice as many comments as I actually had…..I found that there are comments all over the place. From what I can see, the entries do actually have their own comments, but many of them have comments from other entries and……………
Ah, just forget it!


Notice anything different around here? I’ve switched over to pMachine 🙂
I’m actually pretty happy with it so far…..even though I still have quite a bit to do. I’m happy with the main page here for the time being, I’m going to play around with the link appearance in a bit but for now it’s okay.
I am totally in love with the interface on my end here….it is soooooooo easy to get around and I can’t wait to play with it some more.
Now to get to work on the individual pages………..