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Where’s my kettle drum….?

Who’s excited for the Olympics????

I’m usually not a huge fan of the summer games, I much prefer the winter events…..for the summer, I only really dig swimming and diving. I feel a little guilty saying that because Brittany runs cross country…but really….I just don’t need to watch 3 hours worth of people running on TV. She swims too, though, so at least we have that – lol!

Bill is just an Olympic-hag and that’s pretty much all that’s on our TV for the duration…..I’m sure if there was an Olympic sport that involved watching paint dry, he’d watch it……well, if there wasn’t anything else on at 4 in the morning….on his 3rd straight day of Olympic insomnia…….

This year, though…..where I am usually completely uninterested in the pomp of the opening ceremonies I am soooooooo excited to see this one!! Why, you ask…? Because it’s in London!!! I am a total Anglophile – as I may have mentioned before – and I can’t wait to see what the Brit’s have in store for us ;^)

Only 3 more days!!!!

So c’mon – are you excited this year, could you care less? Take my poll and then comment here with what your favorite event is and whether you like the winter games or summer games better 🙂