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The Lion King

Am I too old to cry at The Lion King? Yeah, well, tough. I cried the first time I saw it like 8 or 9 years ago (however long it’s been) and I still do….
Even if Brittany does have to watch it twice a week.
I still get that lump in my throat at the beginning when Rafiki holds up baby Simba for all the animals to see, I cry when Mufasa dies, I cry when Simba goes back to the Pridelands and sees what Scar and the hyenas have done to the place…..and I cry at the end.
I’m such a girl.
Fortunately, with this movie, I laugh just as much 🙂
I’m just wondering if it’s just me…..

the unnamed

So I had this dream the other night and when I woke up I just couldn’t get it out of my head.
The only thing I remembered of it when I woke was pulling into a parking place as I was going to pick Brittany up from daycare…..for whatever reason it was already dark but on top of that it was pouring down rain, too. I got out of the car and started up the walkway when he stepped out of the bushes and barely breathed my name….then he just stood there and stared.
I get the feeling that there was a whole story that went on before this because rather than being surprised or excited or afraid or anything, it was just like I had expected him to show up like this. I just sighed and walked back to the car….unlocked the passenger side door and told him to wait there, out of the rain.
Then I guess I flashed forward a bit… thing I remember I was back in the car, Brittany behind me in the car seat. He was there in the passenger seat, dripping wet from the rain.
I keep trying to pick my brain to see if I can remember anymore of it, but… luck.

new stamps

Check out the new stamps that the postal service is putting out 🙂

Flying Bean Order

Just sent my order in to Flying Bean…if you want to see what I got, I posted it over at BlogCafe 🙂


Say, I’m a little….uh….bored….I left work early today because I had this splitting allergy headache that was just making me sick to my stomach. It sucks and no amount of Tylenol helps this…..just sleep.
So I came home a took a short nap.
And now…..Brittany is still sleeping and I’m bored.
I’m gonna go order some coffee….

Baby in the Car

Okay, now before you all fire off those “What a terrible mother you are!!” e-mail messages, let me get through the damn story first!!
I picked my mom up from work today and Brittany and I stayed for dinner…after dinner and everyone was settled down a bit, we went outside and were playing in the pool and under the hose and all, generally just haveing a good time.
Time came to leave.
I took Brittany out and buckled her in and my mom came out after us to get something out of the trunk that she had put in when I picked her up. I buckled Brittany in, started the car to get it cooling down and then I popped the trunk, got the stuff out. And closed it.
Just as my mom finished saying goodnight to Brittany.
And let the door swing closed.
My mom has this habit – I suppose it could be a good one – of locking my door when ever she is standing next to it. You know, to keep the carjackers out….and us, too, apparently.
she didn’t close the door, but there is such a curve to their street that it just swung shut….it was actually even open…..enought to get my fingers in, just not enough so that we could reach the lock or get in.
So there is Brittany locked inside the car.
All I can say is, thank God I fired up the AC before it happened!
And having the best time of it, too – she thought it was hysterical that we were all standing around in the 97degree heat trying to keep her entertained and all while she hung out in the air conditioned car drinking her milk bots.
I called Bill and told him what happened, felt really stupid for a while and waited for him to show up with the other set of keys.
From start to finish, it was probably about 20 minutes….but it was a very looooooong 20 minutes. I just don’t know what I would have done if the car hadn’t been running…..I would have called the local cops, that’s for sure, but I think in the meantime, I would have spazzed and broken the window or something……
Brittany is fine, as usual. When we got home, I asked her if she scared and she said “I not scared” and kinda looked at me like “what the hell am I supposed to have been afraid of? you all hanging around the car making faces at me a singing?”
Then I kissed her goodnight and then she promptly fell asleep.

My First Knitting Project

I just started my first official knitting project. I’ve been practicing since Thursday….that Purl stitch is a pain in the ass! Anyway, it’s not much….a dishcloth pattern from this book I bought….but it’s the first tie I actually following a pattern. Should be intersting….

Yes. Still. Alive. Old. Friend.

Yes. Still. Alive. Old. Friend. But, soon!!
Er…anyway. Yeah, I made it through and have obviously survived to blog another day….or later the same day, anyway.
I didn’t sleep quite as long as I had expected I would…only about 2 hours and then we all got up and went out. We originally headed out with the intention of going to a Target grand opening in South Philly but it was so jam packed we couldn’t get anywhere near it.
We drove to a Home Depot a few blocks from there and picked up a few essentials and then drove all the way back up to the NorthEast here to go to the pet store.
The fishtank we set up for Brittany was running all night on a cheap little filter – we didn’t have anything but gravel in the tank but wanted to start the water filtering. So when we were out, we got a better filter and some tank decorations, including a floating space ship that Brittany just had to have….it’s actually pretty cute 🙂
We didn’t get any fish yet…..with Philly water ya just can’t be too careful. And we want to monitor the temperature a bit first….tomorrow, the heat index is supposed to make it feel like 100degrees. And no, that’s not a ‘dry heat’ – it’s a sweltering, oppressive, humid heat and it sucks ass.
Anyway, we’ll probably get the fish next weekend.
Now? Brittany is napping. It’s a little late in the day but it doesn’t bother her too much. Me on the other hand, if I go to sleep now, I won’t go at my normal time. And I have to get up at 5:30 for work….Brittany starts her new day-care tomorrow so we get to sleep a whole extra hour!!
In the meantime, I’m going to veg with my honey and knit for a while 🙂


“Heather!! You made it through your first 24 hour Blog-A-Thon!! What are you gonna do now??” What the f*** d’ya think I’m gonna do? I’m gonna sleep……..briefly. Then spend the rest of the day trying to make up the day I sacraficed yesterday.
Congratulations, Everyone!! We made it through!!!
Talk to you all………sometime.

The End is Near

And now…..the end is near….

….and just in time for an hour of Rolie Polie Olie. That’s at least one whole hour that I can sleep – whoo-hoo!!