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Happy Thanksgiving!

Who’s cookin’? I’m doing a little cooking but we’re going to my parent’s house for dinner. I’ll be making four Cornish Hens stuffed with wild rice, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Spiced Pears. My mom has a ham and a turkey that she’s cooking up…..she’s also making the turnips, green beans, corn and asparagus. And we have no less than 3 pies – pumpkin, coconut creme and apple.
Brittany is excited now about all the food but I know as soon as we sit down to eat, she’ll take two bites and want macaroni – lol 🙂
Ah, well….have a good day, everyone. Eat, drink and be merry 😉


Okay. So Brittany can start her new school on Tuesday. Everything is filled out and her tuition is paid. Only problem now is, even though she can start on Monday, she has to have her Chicken Pox Vaccine.
I am quite annoyed. There were really only two vaccines that I was totally opposed to – the MMR combo vaccine and the Varicella. The MMR had all those rumors about causing Autism and even though they have been proven false…….two kids in my family (including my nephew) starting showing signs of being Autistic after the shot and three other kids developed various other neurological problems – it was just too much of a risk for me to take.
Brittany’s doctor was really cool when I explained my fears about the MMR vaccine – I told him that I understood it was all just rumors but with that family history, I was concerned. Rather than pressuring me to just get it, she would be fine, blah, blah, blah…..he suggested giving her the vaccines individually. So she had the Measles vaccine at one visit, four weeks later she got the Mumps vaccine and 6 weeks later she got the Reubella vaccine.
When it came time for her to get the Varicella shot, I said no. Just no. I dont like a bunch of things about this vaccine but my biggest problem is that it will be wearing off just in time for it to be dangerous for Brittany to get the Chicken Pox. I would much rather she got them and have the chance to build up her own immunity (like we all did) and not have to worry about it anymore. And if she didn’t get them by the time she’s 11 or 12, then I would have her vaccinated.
But now the daycare insists that she have the vaccine. I knew that she would have to have it by the time she started Kindergarten, but….I dunno. I guess I held out hope that she would get the Chicken Pox by then.
I still don’t want her to get it. But then the rational kicks in that even if she doesn’t get it…..none of her peers are gonna get the Chicken Pox. So the chances of her getting her own natural immunity are pretty slim. I’m gonna have to have her vaccinated either way…….what difference does it make if I do it now and get her a booster in 10 years?
I could really use some advice/suggestions from all you other mommies……


Disregard. I had hoped to actually figure out where the problem was coming from but figured out a way to cheat instead.
So, uh…..screw it.

Kill Me

Somebody just kill me, okay? I have spent half the night trying to figure out why the hell my sidebar is skewed off down in the corner there and I am just at my wits end.
The absolute positioning of the sidebar is good and it should line up right next to the main text here. I think something is off with the ‘div’ tags but I’ve been working on them for the past hour and a half!
I even resorted to NetMechanic to see what the problem is and even when all my ‘div’ tags are closed the end of the report they give says i need to close no fewer than 6 open div tags.

Cat Turds

This entry over at Book of Days just made me laugh way too hard.
One of our cats (Lucky) can go poo in the box seconds before we scoop it out and/or put new sand in……as soon as we are finished the s.o.b. gets back in the box and squeezes out one last little turd.
Anyone every actually count how many ways there are to skin a cat?


Okay, ScriptyGoddess is just plain addictive. I’ve been keeping an eye out over there for a while because I like to see what neat things they come up with….but now that I have a new version of MT installed, I’m actually playing around with some of it. There are soooo many of those scripts that I want to add!!!
Not to mention the fact that Jenn had been exceptionally patient with helping me set up the archives for my journal 😉

Tide Kick

Get a —> Free Tide Kick 🙂

Iverson, et al.

He’s got millions of dollars but still wants to act like he’s a thug. And now he’s crying victim about the whole thing. Well of course the police are keeping an eye on him — he’s acting like a criminal. If you don’t act like you’re doing something wrong then people will fucking leave you alone.
Have I mentioned that she totally cracks me up?

Holiday Shopping

So. Are you the type that buys for the ‘easy’ people first or the ‘hard’ people first? I find that I have the easy people out of the way usually by the beginning of December. Come Christmas week, I’m totally stressing what to get the other people.
Bill and Brittany are done. I don’t have all of their stuff in my posession (ordering it all a bit at a time) but I know every single thing that I’m getting for both of them right down to the candy that Santa is going to put in their stockings……
My family on the other hand…….

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