Monthly Archives: March 2004

Four Years??

Four years ago this morning, I woke up very early….got a shower, finished packing a bag….and then went back to sleep for a few hours. Yeah, I know….we finally went to the hospital sometime that afternoon, with me still not convinced I was actually in labor and Brittany was born about 12 hours later.
So tomorrow, Brittany will be 4 years old. As such….it’s “big girl” time around here. She has been helping me get some of her toys together like she always does around her birthday and Christmas, but she seems quite eager to get rid of more than usual. I think she’s expecting another Christmas, but we just can’t do that right now… I have everything that she said it’s okay to give away, in a box down the basement. That way I can go back to it after her party and see if she changed her mind about anything.
Anyway, she’s getting a new bed….a “big girl” bed from us and my parents (this one but in white)…I even stooped to get her a Barbie sheet set to go on it. She’s also getting a new bike…..she outgrew her tricycle rather quickly so I’m looking around for a nice “big girl” bike with training wheels…my mom and a family friend want to get that for her. We have a few other little things to give her as well….new Barbie sets and a couple of Bob the Builder tapes.
Tonight, Brittany and I are going to be making cupcakes for her to bring in to school tomorrow. And on Sunday, we are going to be having a party for her. I had started planning a big thing but realized that it just isn’t in me right now so it’s just going to be a little thing with close family.
I’m not gonna get into why I’m not posting much lately…….if you don’t like it, don’t visit. No skin off my nose….

lol :-)

Now….you already know that I am fairly easy to amuse 🙂 It’s a sound file, please right click and ‘save as’.

Getting Better All The Time…

I have been sooooooo sick all week :-p
When Bill got home from the mountains earlier this week, he had a little bit of a cold that started while he was up there. The next day I was fine, but the second day – gah! And I’ve felt like complete and total crap ever since….
But I went to work every day….anticipating Brittany getting the same thing. So far, she doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Thursday, she started coughing a bit but that’s the last I heard of it from her. Hopefully that will be it….
Bill went to the doctor on Thursday and while he was there the doc gave him an antibiotic for the cold….so yesterday I called up and told them that I have the same thing and asked if I could either come in or have something called in to the pharmacy. They called in the same antibiotic and a cough medicine.
I took the antibiotic at dinner last night and again before bed with the cough medicine. I don’t feel any better this morning but I’m sure I need a day of doing absolutely nothing to start to feel any improvement anyway. I don’t feel like doing jack today anyway, but I do have alot to do around here….I’ve been neglecting everything this week. I guess I’ll just see how I feel after I’ve had some coffee.

Do I live in Area 51??

My Sims are pretty freakin’ strange. I think Brittany was abducted by aliens.
Before I went to bed last night, I sent my Bill sim off to work (graveyard shift) and put my Heather and Brittany sims to bed. Then I went to the bathroom, came back and minimized the game before getting into bed. Tonight when I checked in, it was of course just about the time I stopeed the game…Bill was still at work and Heather was still sleeping but Brittany appeared to be awake and checking out the telescope. I tried to put her to bed but she was gone…..just gone.
Bill got home just about the time Heather was waking up and they both went right out to the balcony (where the telescope is) and started that pathetic Sim-cry….but I still don’t know what happened!!
Finally, about an hour later (sim time), Brittany just appeared on the balcony with a little alien in her thought bubble and went right to bed.