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My sickies hanging out on the futon……….

Can’t be wrong all the time….

Apparently I do know a thing or two…..from time to time. I mean, even I can’t be wrong all the time, can I?
Case and point:
When I left work yesterday morning, I called Brittany’s doctor again and told them that I was certain the Brittany had an upper respiratory infection and asked if they would please call in an anti-biotic for her. They said, “Well if you bring her in, they may decide to give her an anti-biotic….but it’s probably just a virus so they won’t be able to.”
So, you want me to bring her up there in the snow and ice with accidents all over the road on the off chance that you may give her some anti-biotics. Hmmm. Let me think about it.
Instead I went to RiteAid and got some Robutussin CH to loosen up her congestion and make her coughs more productive. Since it was such a mess and was freezing up, we decided to skip going anywhere last night.
I went in to work again this morning and left at 9:30 again. When I got home, Brittany was in good spirits. She’d had Motrin before I left and when I got home I gave her some more of the Robutussin and she was doing well. But when she woke up from her nap, she still had a fever and since that was at least 48 hours with the fever (not counting when she had it over the weekend, I decided to take her over to Frankford.
If they intend to keep people waiting for hours, they should at least try to et some chairs that don’t fatigue your entire body. And they have always been like that…..even when I’m not sick or injured when I go over there, I always wind up feeling worse than I did when I went in after sitting in the waiting room. Still, I figured it would be best to go there than to try going to St. Christopher’s. I don’t think I could have dealt with 50 other sick kids tonight.
We sat down in the waiting room at 6:30. My dad came over about 8:00 to see how it was going. Got called back to the exam area at 9:15. It could have been worse.
In any case the doctor checked her all out and even noticed the smell of her breath which I had really thought was my imagination…..she just has had a very odd smell to her breath for the past day or so.
He listened as I told him about my concern that this could develop into pneumonia and was very patient….I told him straight up that I was being paranoid but I felt I had good reason and he agreed.
Fortunately, he said that Brittany’s lungs are clear but she definitely has and upper respiratory infection. Um, hello? What did I tell her doctor yesterday? I said nothing even close to that at the hospital, just told them her symptoms and the history of pneumonia.
Eh….what do I know anyway, I’m just her mother and have never had any kind of medical training……..I’ve certainly never had an upper respiratory infection myself…..
So, Brittany is okay and we have some anti-biotics.
There is even a fun ending to the whole night. When I stopped at Walgreens to get the prescription filled, they said they would page me when it was ready. So we walked around the store for a few. They called and when I got back there, M. was standing there….she used to work in the clin lab but quit about a year and a half ago.
I was really just….stunned to see her. I mean after spending the night in the ER it was the furthest thing from my mind that I would run into anyone at 11:00 in Walgreens…..I’m thrilled that I did, though 🙂
She told me that they have called her again and asked her to come back and she said yes. Now that H. is gone and Dr. M. doesn’t spend much time in the lab, that’s the two biggest reasons she left gone right there. So, it’s gonna happen and I am so happy. Yeah, sure I don’t work over there anymore, but I’m still glad that she’ll be around. We’ll do lunch or something….
So, we caught up quickly and she gave me her new e-mail and phone number.
Then I got brittany home and gave her the medicine which she promptly threw up on me.
I’m so glad that I’m off tomorrow.

still sick, etc.

Brittany’s school called me at 3:00 to come get her because she had the fever back. She hadn’t had any sign of a fever since late Saturday night and was fine all day Sunday and yesterday. But now it’s back…..with a vengence. She’s got everything back again.
I called her doctor again and left a message with the receptionist again. When the doctor finally did call me back at 7:00, I had Brittany in the tub because she had been coughing again and spit up on herself. By the time I got her out and settled in and checked the message, it was 8:30. I’m tempted to call and leave an urgent message for him at 2:30………
I’m just especially annoyed about the whole thing because once again they are giving me the run-around about anti-biotics. If the same freakin’ illness is still with her for more than a month she needs more than freakin’ Tylenol and fluids!!!
If they don’t call in some Trimox for her tomorrow, I’m taking her to St. Christopher’s.
On a positive note, I think I made someone’s day today.
I left a note this morning asking the director of Brittany’s school to give me a call. When she did, I told how completely thrilled I am with everything they are doing with Brittany there – her class works on the best little projects and she is always so excited to be going to school.
Let me tell you how much easier that all makes it to leave her in the morning……
I know that she is learning things while she’s there and I know that she is having a good ol’ time….they give me a written daily report of what she ate, how long she slept and what activities they do during the day and everything about the place just really puts me at ease…..knowing she’s in a place that’s good for her and that she enjoys.
So I was on the phone with the director for a good 15 minutes telling her how happy I am with everything they do and…….I was just happy that I did that and I think it made her happy to hear a little praise.
People are always quick to complain…..especially me. But this is just too good 🙂


Finally…..after god knows how many months it is now, I finally got my money back from Aletia/Jaguar. All of it, too. I hate it when you have to threaten people to get what you want…….I guess I’ll be nice now and let the BBB know that they finally got around to refunding my money.

in the news today….

Bill is on the news again tonight 🙂
It’s because of this story but I’m not actually sure if Channel 10 will show him on the 11:00 news or not. The 10:00 news on both WB17 and Fox (Fox was actually quite generous 😉 showed him and his partner carrying a huge gun cabinet out of the guys house.
I’m such a girl……he’s been out on the street for how long now and I still get all giddy whenever I get to see him on the news. Who cares about the carjaking – that’s my guy 😉
Update/11:09: Channel 10 did show him and was pretty much right up in his face 😉

Football, anyone?

So this is Superbowl Sunday, eh?
I actually forgot until I saw Raven on Playhouse Disney this morning supposedly at the Superbowl.
I’m sure it’s due in no small part to the fact that the Eagles lost last week and the whole thing quietyly faded into nothing already, save for a few classic jokes…..
What do you call 47 people sitting around the TV watching the Superbowl?
The Eagles.
Why was Andy Reid so upset when his playbook was stolen?
He hadn’t finished coloring in it.
What do you Billy Graham and the Eagles have in common?
They can both make 70,000 people stand up and yell ‘Jesus Christ!’
And, my personal favorite….
How do you keep an Eagle out of your yard?
Put up goal posts.
Needless to say, I’m not particularly sore about the whole thing…..would have been nice, but whatever.
So rather than spending the night watching football, I hung out on the couch with my sick baby and watched Audrey Hepburn movies on AMC. Tearing up at the end of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is much more fun when you have a little sickie giggling about the poor wet cat 🙂

V-Day Layout

I love Dita. I went over to her site looking for something with a little kick to use in my Valentine’s Day layout and boom! First one I see is just perfect 😉
Ya think?

30th Street Station

30th Street Station
Took this while we were waiting around yesterday…..I have this fascination with this statue. Everytime I’m in 30th Street Station and I have my camera I just have to take pictures of it.
I like the way this one turned out….I had the camera on the wrong setting when I snapped it so it came out a little grainy, but I think that gives it a neat texture 😉


You may remember the problems I was having with Aletia/Jaguar a few months ago…..well, ever since then, I have contacted them repeatedly about the refund they owe me for the months remaining in my contract.
Naturally, they never responded.
Yesterday, I sent them an e-mail threatening that I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and take legal action to recover the money….so of course, they got back to me right away.
And very nicely told me to shove it up my ass, they’d give me a refund after inflating my charges to $9.95 a month, rather than $7.95 a month because I terminated the contract.

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sick baby

Brittany is quite sick today.
When I picked her up from my parents house last night, she was very warm and she threw up in the car before we got home. I gave her some Tylenol as soon as we got in and gave a luke-warm bath….she fell asleep without a problem but woke up a little bit whiny about an hour later.
All during the night, she was really restless and while the Tylenol would relive the fever for a bit, every 3.5 hours, she was waking up very warm again.
This morning, I called her doctor and they said to alternate Tylenol and Motrin and just make sure she’s getting plenty of fluids. That drives me up the friggin’ wall because then I feel like anitwit for calling because that’s what I was already doing…well, except for the Motrin, but I never think of Motrin…..
I just hate it when they do that…..I don’t know if you remember when she was so sick last year off and on for about 2 months and they kept telling me the same thing over and over…Tylenol and fluids, Tylenol and fluids…..then it turned out the whole time it was a pretty serious infection that kept coming and going and could very easily have been taken care of the first time with some antibiotics. But because they kept shuffling around giving her any antibotics, she wound up in the hospital with pneumonia.
What the hell, ya know? They want them to build up their own resistance to any illnesses without giving them medication, but I think after three days, if it hasn’t gotten any better and is even getting worse, they need a little help. They also think that if they give them antibiotics, as often as they get sick, they will build up a resistance to them. Yeah, well, if they got them when they needed them they wouldn’t be sick with the same damn thing and keep speading it around so that it just keeps coming back to them…..
This is the second time Brittany has had this very same…..whatever it is in less than a month!