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Not Trash!

So….Amelia’s favorite thing these days is the trash can. I don’t want to complain too much about this because I think it’s awesome that after she’s done with a pudding cup, she gets up and puts it right in the trash……sometimes, however, in her eagerness to be helpful she discards things that, well….aren’t trash.

For example, when I dropped her off at school on Tuesday, her sippy cup was nowhere to be found. By Wednesday, we pretty much decided that Amelia disposed of her cup along with everything else after lunch on Monday. I don’t have any extras laying around the house because the extra one we DID have, she never liked so I just got in the habit of giving her small amounts in regular cups and she drinks water out of the bottles anyway. But, I had to find a replacement for her to use in school so we went up to Babies “R” Us this afternoon.

My intention was just to grab a pack of Take’n’Toss cups, but when I saw these
I just thought they were absolutely brilliant. No straw, no weird spout to get used to – it’s just a cup. There is a little hub with a silicon ring that prevents spills but it seriously works just like a regular cup – they tilt it up and drink….I love it and Amelia thought it was the coolest thing :^)

And yeah, I bought the two pack so we have an extra……just in case!

Wicked Butternut Squash Casserole

I wasn’t planning on posting this recipe, because some things are just too good to share. But, my mom has been asking me for a couple of weeks to write it up for her so I figured I’d put it here, too.

To be fair, this is not *MY* recipe. I didn’t come up with it. My boss actually introduced me to this dish a few months ago and until that time, I had never actually even HAD butternut squash. Earlier in the summer, she got me addicted to “flying saucer” squash from her garden and then the butternut squash casserole.

I love my boss 🙂
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A Glutton For Punishment

I was thinking today that there actually was one more thing that I wanted to add to my list of intentions January……to go to bed earlier and get up (slightly) earlier during the week…..then I went and registered for a full roster for the spring.


I probably won’t sleep till May.

On the plus side, once these classes are over I can be officially done for a while…..then I just have to study for my boards.

Ah, well……classes don’t start for a week and a half…..might as well get my snoozin’ done while I have the chance 😉

Another New Beginning


Well, I had hoped to have the rest of my posts imported to the new host before writing anything new, but the importer is being an ass so I’m just going to go ahead and get started.

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