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snow play

We had a bit of snow today….not much, almost 2 inches but it was a nice light, fluffy snow so it was actually fun to go for a walk in. We went to the playground for a little while and had a good time. Brittany couldn’t wait to get home to call Meema and Peepa to tell them how she slid down the slide and fell in the snow 🙂

Freakin’ Freezin’ Rain

Look people… we determined last week, I don’t mind the snow. Really!
But WTF is up with this?
Freezing Rain Is Expected By Mid Morning Before Changing To All Rain By Midday. Ice Accumulations Are Expected To Be Minimal… But Will Still Create Slippery Conditions On Untreated Road And Walking Surfaces. The Rain Is Expected To End Wednesday Night.
I hate that we hardly get any snow in the winter but we always get the freakin’ freezin’ rain! In the past 5 years we’ve had more ice storms than snow and it’s staring to piss me off. I probably wouldn’t mind so damn much if my neighbors had ever heard of “rock salt” but these lazy bastards can’t even do that…..want me to tell you how many sidewalks are still not shoveled? since last Thursday?!?!!!
Sometimes, I really hate living in Philly :-p
Ice storms and ignorant neighbors make Heather something something…….
Go crazy?
Don’t mind if I do!!!
Maybe I’ll go to bed now.
G’night 🙂

12 Hours Later

12 Hours Later

Yes, that’s my car buried under that pile…..fortunately, I don’t have to go anywhere in it anytime soon……


(-: SnowCam 🙂

Post Shovelling

Me….after shovelleing the 3 sidewalks and sets of steps. My back hurts. That aside, though….I realized the real reason I hate shovelling. It just ruins the quiet perfection of new snow. Ya know?
Oh well…’s done. And with any luck, I’ll be able to just sweep off the new stuff around 5 or 6 and put new salt done. We’ll see.

The Blue Car

Only a few more hours………maybe.


Would you say I’m a little excited to see all this snow? And I will be home all day to take lots and lots of pictures of it – whoo-hoo!! I would have had to stay home to begin with because Brittany’s school is closed. I spoke with my supervisor about half an hour ago and she said that [really big university] will be closing soon, too.
(-: SnowCam 🙂

Of course, since Bill is still up the mountains, I’m still going to have to shovel 3 sidewalks on my own……yeah, 3. Here, our other house up the street and the sidewalk of one of the neighbors that just passed away. Her son is a really good friend of Bill’s Dad, so I’m gonna make that my good deed for the…………..I dunno, decade I think 😉
Me….shovel what now?