Monthly Archives: September 2008

My life today….

Since it’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say, I thought I might start off with a little me-refresher-course…..

Heather, 31, born and bred in Philadelphia, PA, and yeah, depressing as it can be sometimes, I still live here. I’m married to Bill, and we have a beautiful and brilliant 8-year-old daughter, Brittany. Brittany just started 3rd grade and is on the swim team again this year….she’ll be making her First Holy Communion in November and Bill and I are actually finally getting married in church….after 10 years……we have a cat named Katrina, a leopard gecko named Reggie, a hamster named Fry, a scorpion and 2 fire-belly toads.

I work full-time as a Histology Technician….I worked in a really big veterinary hospital in University City for about 5 years…for the last 3 years, I’ve worked at a really big human hospital in Center City but I just lucked out with a job offer for a hospital that’s like 4 miles from my front door in Northeast Philly…..I’ll be starting there around the beginning of November.

I’m going to school full-time, too….sort of….this term, I’m actually in one class and I’m taking 3 classes online. It’s fun….I don’t know what the rest of my apartment looks like anymore and I can’t tell you what day it is without a calculator but I have a real sense of accomplishment for about 5 minutes after I turn in an assignment so it’s all good.

I’m a happy, well rounded product of 12 years of Catholic school and am very active in my parish….member of the pastoral council, lector, etc. I am a practicing Catholic…meaning that I hope one day to get it right….but my pastor is fantastic and actually has a sense of humor, he even puts up with my “devil’s advocate” catechism queries.

That’s enough for now….cuz that’s really all I can think of right now….and I have to at least pretend to write a movie review for my history class….The Crucible :-p

Peace out.

What to do….?

I have sooooooo many commitments right now….feel like I should be committed….but I miss this :- I might be back….I have to think about it 🙂