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My dad is in the hospital…..he had some pains and things during the night and was coughing badly, couldn’t catch his breat, etc. Wound up taking 8 of his nitro pills because he’s stubborn and didn’t want to go to the hospital. We finally conviced him early this morning.
As soon as he got there they did the EKG and decided to keep him. Tomorrow morning, they will transfer him to Temple for a catheterization and then see where they are gonna go from there.
He had a bypass done over 10 years ago but they think he may need to have a splint inserted. Of course, we won’t know anything till they do the catheter. He’s being transferred at 7 and they will do the procedure at 10.
I’ll post what’s going on when I get a chance……


News in the BabyBlog 🙂


But the biggest upset of the night came courtesy of Michael Chiklis. The bald-pated, ass-kicking star of the little-seen FX rogue cop drama The Shield won Lead Actor, Drama. The race was considered the toughest of the Emmys, with West Wing’s Martin Sheen, Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall and 24’s Kiefer Sutherland all favored ahead of darkhorse Chiklis, whose award is the most prestigious ever received by a basic-cable show.” — E!Online



I finally got around to dying my hair last night. Obviously it’s quite a bit darker which I’m quite pleased with…been a while since I had it dark. But what you can’t really see in the picture here is that it’s got a really neat purple-ish tint to it – very sharp and I am so thrilled with it. Have to see if I can get a good shot of the actual color tomorrow……
If you are interested it’s Garnier Nutrisse – Black Cherry 😉 Have to remember that…….

What should I be?

What should I be?
There’s so many sides to me
I could be an astronaut
A robot
A hobo
A clown
Or an alien creature goin’ out on the town
What should I be?
It’s all up to me
What should I be?
I could be a sca-a-a-a-ary vampire
Who turns himself into a bat
Or I could put on some black pajamas
And go as a big fat Halloween cat
What should I be?
It’s all up to me
What should I be?

Um. So. Sorry….had that stuck in my head all night…..when I was down my parents house earlier we were asking Brittany what she wanted to be for Halloween and that song from Garfield’s Halloween Special popped into my head……and now it won’t stop!!!
Eh….no biggie. It makes me smile 🙂


Sorry folks….I just found this photo on webshots and I just fell about – the caption said “When pumpkins drink too much…” Too funny 🙂

Blah :-p

Okay, so the cold was pretty bad. Monday was the worst day I remember having in a loooooong time. I couldn’t get out of bed until late afternoon and even then every single bone in my body was screaming that I just fall right back down into the nice warm groove I had made for myself.
I had called the doctor early enough so that they could have called in my prescription before noon. Or one. Or two. But by the time Bill had to leave for work, it still wasn’t there. They called around 5 to let me know they had called something into the pharmacy for me. Not a chance in hell I was packing my miserable, achy ass up and getting Brittany together to go get it so I took a Tylenol and, even though I had felt like I was going to be sick all day, I tried to eat something.
After Britt went to bed, I made myself some Thera-Flu and got in the tub for a bit. Then I sat down here to say goodnight to Bill (still at work)…….when I stood up…..I made a mad dash for the bathroom and…..well……
I actually felt better after that.
When I woke up yesterday, I felt good…not perfect but good enough to go to work. And I was okay till around lunch. Eating didn’t help but I made it home. I stopped on the way home to get my prescriptions (trimox and bremotane) and took them right away. Went to bed around 10:00….
Today when I got up I got ready for work and took the med right before heading out the door…..about a half hour after I got into work, I was ready to go back to sleep. I didn’t realize last night how drowsy the bremotane would make me….one of the women I work with asked if I wanted to leave. I didn’t think that’d be such a hot idea since I would have had to drive…so I just hung around and did what I had to do. Much easier to sit there and embed things when you feel like that than it would be to navigate morning rush traffic. It eventually passed around 9:30……but left me kinda……foggy.
I’m not quite together right now, actually…, I think I’m gonna go to bed.


Well, I’m off tomorrow. And I have alot to do. The fall clean-up is next week up the mountains and I have alot of old crap that I was to get rid of….so I’ll probably spend a good bit of tomorrow doing that. Joy. Even better since I seem to have a bit of a cold :-p
For now…..I think I’m gonna go downstairs, make myself a cup of tea and knit for a while. Bill took our Shield DVDs to work with him, so I’ll have to find something else to watch…….I was gonna put it a chick flick, but stuffy as my head is, I don’t need to make it any worse…….
Bleghk :-p
BTW, if you are into “The Shield“, it was nominated for a bunch of Emmy’s, including Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Michael Chiklis – keep your fingers crossed 😉

the clin lab

I’m quite fed up with the Clin Lab today.
They made a bunch of useless changes again but some of them are just downright irritating….not the least of which is that they have now decided that we get 30 minutes for lunch. Including the time it takes to go and get it…..and since we don’t have a cafeteria that’s open on the weekends, I have to spend 20 minutes of my lunch going to Wawa for something to eat and then horsing it down….guess, I’ll be baggin’ it from now on.
And we have to take lunch individually.
The only reason this one bugs me so badly is that every single one of the regular techs during the week all get a full hour for lunch, all together – leaving the lab empty – and it doesn’t start until they sit down and actually start eating their food…… there something wrong with this? Or is it just me?
No phone calls, no computer…and, just for me, no Nextel. Nevermind the fact that every nurse, student and doctor in the hospital has a Nextel, I can’t use mine. And I use it so often…….

The Friday Five – 09.13.02

The Friday Five
1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
I always loved science, in general…..of those, I think I liked Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology the best with Physics running a close second.
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
Oh….uh….wow, that is a tough one. All of my high school English teachers were phenomenal so I can’t pick one……the three of them (had one of them twice) just went above and beyond being plain old teachers in my mind and I still keep in touch with them. Heh-heh 🙂 Makes me smile just to think about them……
3. What is your favorite memory of school?
Stage Crew. No particular moment, just the whole experience – we always had such a blast with the shows and whatever else we had to do…..however, doing the polka on the sidewalk outside Friendly’s after opening night of “The King & I” stands out a bit in my memory right now……………….
4.What was your favorite recess game?
Thread the Needle. Now that was a long time ago……
5. What did you hate most about school?
When I was in grade school, I just hated it. Hated my school and couldn’t wait to get away from it….it was just miserable. Only thing I can really say that I hated about high school was Algebra……everything after high school has been purely voluntary so I can’t complain too much…….but I loathed Parasitology :-p
The Friday Five courtesy of Heather – luv ya, hon!!!